Custom Art Hive Bodies

With customization your hive will outshine friends, family and neighbors. Our artist will contact you after your submission to go over what you're looking for. Once you've established what you would like and the design is submitted, our artist will create a general art piece on paper and submit it to you for approval.  A deposit is requried for all custom work that is not refundable. Then they will do the design on the hive after submitting to you an invoice for the materials required for the custom piece, plus commission. Once the piece is finished images will be sent to you for final approval before the invoice is due. Once the invoice is paid, the product will ship with your shipping choice. Your choices for customization are wood burning or painted designs on the hive bodies, with painted designs the hive bodies are varnished to weather protect the painting. Please ask about any other ideas you may have.

  • Custom Pieces

    Custom Pieces are not returnable except for flaws in manufacturing. All custom artwork is made to order, an invoice will not be due until the piece is ready to ship and customer has approved the images sent. No refunds or returns are allowed on custom works except for manufacturing flaws and not due to natural wear and tear and weathering. Custom pieces require care to preserve the finished product, customer is responsible for care after agreeing to a custom order provision detailed in the invoice for the order after submitting payment.