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Wood Works to Begin in September

During this time, the Mystic Earth Apiary LLC is going to launch its first range of products. We are working hard to set up our wood shop to begin our operations sooner than expected, although in retrospect it does seem more natural to begin with the basics of setting up the wood works for making equipment for ourselves as well as for sale to the general public.

When we begin manufacturing in late August/early September, we will be manufacturing Frames primarily as they are in very high demand right now. We will manufacture our frames with Rite-cell foundation, and Max-Wax foundation. Foundation-less frames will also be available as well as starter strip frames.

From the bottom straight up to the top you will find the bottom board, varroa trap drawers, screened bottom boards, hive stands, brood boxes, medium honey supers, inner covers, shims, telescoping covers and migratory covers are all products we will manufacture. Our products will come painted and unpainted depending on customer preference. We'll even be doing custom paint schemes by Tasha Hutchinson, my lovely wife with artistic abilities. She'll work on custom pieces, of course for a little bit higher price. An order will come through marked "Custom", the invoice is paid for the item, then a separate invoice will be generated after my wife assess what is needed to create the piece, going back and forth with the customer before a design is settled on. Once both invoices are paid and the piece is completed, it ships out as quickly as possible.

We will also be investigating our prices at this time, sourcing materials and ensuring that we are manufacturing the highest quality products we can at the best prices. We strive for excellence in everything we put our hands too, and we take pride in it. My brother and I are perfectionists when it comes to anything we work on, and we want that perfection to be represented in the products we make.

We will of course be investigating other areas of manufacturing to offer to our customers for their beekeeping needs. Everything we can provide, we want to provide, from a business sense multiple streams of income are excellent. From operating an Apiary, having a manufacturing branch just makes complete sense to be able to get our products as cheaply as we can with the most premium on quality.

With our brood boxes and honey supers you will find them of superior strength, with dovetail joints, wood glue and staples, they'll hold up to the heavy loads associated with the keeping of bees. The insides will be scraped at customer request with steel wool to facilitate propolis production in the bees which makes for a healthier and happier home for the bees as well as longer life for the wood.

We're very excited and anxious to begin this process and hope that many of our potential customers are as well. We can't wait to hear from everyone who purchases our products. Every brood box and honey super that we manufacture, you'll be able to find our logo burned to the inside of our box. We take pride in what we build, and I build things to last. Only the best will do!

My grandmother used to call me "Wine on a Beer Budget", and I take pride in it, I only deal with and demand the best of everything. If we can't find good products at decent prices, what's the point? No one should go broke trying to do something they enjoy. You shouldn't have to save for months or even years. Our prices will be as low as we can sustain, and the more people buy, the lower our prices can go. We're not greedy, we know the financial burden of getting started into bees and beginning a maintenance program for them. It can get costly at pivotal moments, and we're happy to lower those costs where ever we can.

Products will begin being listed on our website and our store will become active in September. Most likely around September 13th, an important date for us here at the Apiary. Watch the store to see what products come up and finally with some photos of products we've personally manufactured. We're so excited you can't imagine.

We are working hard on our website to ensure everything runs smoothly, we're working on getting the last of the tools we need to be able to begin as well as our wood materials, paint, glue, nails, staples, tin and other materials we do not have yet. But once we have enough to begin, it'll begin with a fervor not seen since early March.

And this time, the busy busy bees we are will not stop, our followers, fans and customer base has a need and we're going to continue to fill that need as long as there is beekeeping on the planet.

Stay tuned, thanks for reading, we're excited to begin, we hope you are too!

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