• T.R. Hutchinson-Owner Operator

We're Still Here!

The Mystic Earth Apiary LLC still lives! We are still working and getting through the obstacles that the past year has thrown us. Covid-19 did quite a lot of damage to many industries and attempting to launch a business such as this was not in the cards without vast amounts of money, and lets be honest, many of us do not have that kind of money.

The apiary faced hurdles trying to get its doors open with the woodshop so we could begin producing the woodenware many of you have been craving and we're still working on that goal. It was not in the cards last year unfortunately and may not be in the cards to be completely open this year either. But we are still working on it to get it open and start bringing you the products you are looking for.

We are working on many goals, and the first one is obviously complete, we're back online and can bring you the content we've been sitting on. For now we'll share our current plans and goals. We've been fielding help for other beekeepers recently as pollination brokers, helping make connections and networking.

We're working on our goals to site more hives on property through our sponsor a hive program to build the company's profile, expand our operations and generate that lovely golden nectar and the wonderful clean wax everybody is craving. And along with that of course, our Queen rearing and breeding operations to bring you top of Utah winter hardened Queens at fair prices. We may be starting initially with unbred Queens at much lower prices until we can build our breeding program behind it.

As always finances for a new business are the primary concern and the more we develop the more we build. Honey sales and equipment sales are our ticket to getting to our full operation and starting to really impact the industry. The woodshop is the goal to start building not only our own equipment, but the equipment many of you have been asking for, namely the frames that are getting quite expensive from competitors, our cost analysis as of last week shows that we can generate and sell the same frames, but with our better care and careful eye to the wood we accept for production to give you frames at $3.95 a frame, versus our competitor whose charging $5.95 a frame for a deep. That's insane! Fair pricing is our policy, literally, company policy written into the company policy, fair pricing for customers, no price gouging or profiteering here.

We care about the bees, we care about our potential and upcoming customers and we want to see everyone succeed in their dreams of owning and keeping hives. And it all goes back to my personal quote I created many years ago, "If man continues to rape and plunder the Earth, so too will we suffer as she suffers, if man helps Earth to thrive, we shall share in the bounty we help create!" That quote drives and fuels our ambition because it represents a different way of doing things, a different perspective, and a more natural and holistic approach that is better for the environment, better for the bees, better for our customers and better for everyone overall.

And it goes further to imply that a company has a responsibility not only to all of this, but a responsibility to take care of its customers and provide the utmost quality, our policy states, "pricing is subjective to the price of materials, labor and shipping, but nothing may change in the state of quality unless and only if it improves, quality must never be sacrificed and customers should never pay more for the quality they already deserve, with the exception to the cost of living and cost of materials."

With that in mind, we're still at work and we're happy to hear from you as we strive to get our feet back under us during these still trying times with inflation, rising gas prices and a changing economic landscape.

The Mystic Earth Apiary lives and we're here for you and the bees!

~T.R. Hutchinson Owner-operator

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