• T.R. Hutchinson-Owner Operator

The Apiary is Officially Born

On this day, Monday May the 10th, 2021 we are marking the official birth of the Mystic Earth Apiary LLC as per our registration and licensing papers for when we officially open for business. And while we did not reach our fundraising goals to open fully with everything we hoped to start with, we are none the less open and working. More things are to come in the coming months, many changes, plans and goals, milestones and stepping stones to where we hope to be come May 10th, 2022.

It has already been quite the journey since we began this ventures planning in late 2019. It took time and effort and a lot of scrambling, research and unpaid hours of work and research, planning and phone calls, zoom meetings and some blood, sweat and tears to get us where we are now.

The Apiary has an upcoming contract that will be announced later upon completion with our first client; we have a standing greenhouse we built earlier this year to supply plants for our new garden boxes which cover 224 square feet of space and is mostly planted for the honeybees. We've added new plants to our little home apiary and worked around the yard to supply 5 hives with enough food to give us a very small startup. We have work shirts with our new logo as well as a company flag.

We chose our new logo that you see above as a Viking Long ship for a few reasons; 1. We have Norse blood in our family tree, 2. The Vikings were known for their consumption of mead and they lived very closely to the Earth as did all ancient peoples and bees were not only crucial but were highly revered for their gift of sweetness and their miracles in the fields. 3. As part of the entrepreneurial spirit we chose the Norse people to represent that spirit of adventure and remind us to always be tenacious in the pursuit of our goals and carry that spirit of adventure in all of our goals and in the face of our obstacles.

Over the coming months we are going to be starting to move into our wood shop at our second location as we begin renovations and purchase of additional tools and supplies so we can finally begin production on a larger scale of our wooden ware equipment that many of you have been waiting for, we are excited to up our ability and start putting items up for sale on our website, it has taken us quite a while to get here and we are excited to be closing in on these goals. Furthermore, we will be attempting our first Queens this year, ahead of schedule, this years supply will be highly limited and next years goals include a production goal of 2,000 Queens if not more, it all depends on that unforeseen circumstances, but the goal is 2,000, more if we can do it. We will offer Queens to everyone, hobbyist and commercial producers, mated and unmated Queens.

I want to thank everyone who supported us thus far and those that continue to support our work and have been patiently waiting for supplies for production. Thank you all and we are excited to mark our official birth day and can't wait to turn 1 next year. Stay tuned on our group page for more exciting things from today as we celebrate our moment and take a pause from our other duties.

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