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Terra Preta

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Terra Preta, or Amazonian Black Gold is the secret to enhancing soils across the globe. The Native Americans of Central and South America were able to sustain populations in the rainforest's and dry regions of the Amazon basin and other areas where soil has very little fertility. This secret was nearly lost to science, but archaeology and historians kept it alive.

Francisco de Orellana described regions of the Amazon basin with settlements stretching for hundreds of kilometers along the routes he traveled. Historians could not believe him, not in a region so poor for farming, as was later believed. The history books tell us that these large populations were wiped out by war between European settlers and diseases they brought with them from Europe. Huge populations were lost, and so was the secret almost of how they developed such large settlements.

The secret is in the soil, the black earth that the Native peoples of South America had created. Chemical analysis has helped us unlock these secrets. With some development and education in soil science and chemistry coupled with botany and horticulture we have developed our own mix.

Native American Terra Preta enhances soil fertility by 38-45%, with our mix, we can probably do more than that, and we can confirm when the apiary is operational and we begin collaboration with researchers from universities. We will invited soil scientists, botanists and entomologists to the apiary to help us discover the inner scientific secrets that make it all work. We know that it works, but we need to understand the chemical fingerprints that make it all work.

By enhancing the soil the way we know how with the mixture that we've honed, we increase the fertility of the soil, we increase the health and vitality of the plants growing in it, and we increase the nutrition of the plants fruits, and ergo, we know that by enhancing the fruits nutrition, so is the amount of blooms and the nutrition of the nectar and the pollen. By increasing bee forage we can fit more bees with less man made feed, increasing their health even more by allowing them a more natural diet.

Increased soil fertility that requires no chemical fertilizers added to the soil means less chemical dependence and healthier bees as a consequence. We're excited to show off our work, and develop our mixture as an item for sale, helping others achieve great plants, fruits and vegetables with the soil in a more natural state and way of living. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our secret for success.

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