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Sorry for the Missed Submissions

As many of you know, life has a way of, well, getting in the way of what you're trying to accomplish. Between Covid-19, four kids, a pregnant wife, brand new chicks arriving, preparing for a farmers market, getting ready for training new recruits at work, plus all the other daily chores and popup chores that arise we've been a little tied this week and some of you noticed our missing weekly post for the Hive Medical Spotlight Article.

Due to my wife's soon to be ended pregnancy the article has been delayed, as also next weeks article. They will be posted as quickly as I can get to them, most likely coming to you as two separate articles to make up for the missing two weeks. We had also been working on a brushed up article for our sloppy submission of a couple which were posted in haste. We are much more in tune with our grammar than that.

So please bear with us as we prepare to welcome our newest little one into the world amid all the chaos and turmoil that is our lives trying to start an Apiary. We're excited to be completing these articles as quickly as we can, we know how important they are to you and therefore they are very important for us to provide that information.

We have two other articles that should have been posted this week as well. "Sugar for the Bees", and "Honey and its Sweet Composition". Watch for these to come to your mailbox or on our group page as we get these drafts completed in between everything. With much humor and humility. I'm working as diligently as I can for everyone.

I know I'm past due as one reader so eloquently put it, my apologies and we will be with you as quickly as we are able at this time. Things will eventually settle down, we just have to get through this week, and possibly whatever next week brings. Thank you all for your time in reading this article. I'm seriously hoping to get one posted tonight after I complete my presentation and assemble my stuff for the Farmer's Market tomorrow. If you're in the Brigham City Area, come find us at the market from 4-8 and ask away, bring the kids and get some free coloring pages that are of course all Bee-Related.

Each coloring page will feature our web address and the name of our Facebook Group and Page so we're easy to find. Hope to see you all there!!!! Bee Happy!

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