• T.R. Hutchinson-Owner Operator

Remember October 13th, 2020

Update on beginning of sales and business launch. We will officially launch and begin sales on the 13th of October of this year, 2020. We will have some products on line and ready to ship, please take note. We will work out our shipping deals with various shippers to get the best deals possible for you, we hate paying shipping, we know you do to, we're going to work hard to ensure that we can ship to you as fast and cheaply as possible.

Our initial products launching will be woodwork items and possibly beekeeping relevant art pieces done by my wife, the lovely, Tasha Hutchinson. She uses various medias to create her art, rock pieces, canvas and wood will be some of the pieces to start.

In addition to our official launch, we will be featuring the first complete beehive for sale that is specially marked on each woodwork piece/box and the first frame for our buyer. The first completed box for sale to a customer will be signed by the makers, have our logo inside the boxes and be a collectors piece for a fan. We will notify customers again via our blog, twitter and facebook feeds when piece 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 pieces are up for sale and will feature their special designated number of manufacture and our signatures.

Naturally the one millionth piece will go into our showcase of products, our first production as well will be there, but the first sold is just as highly special and a treasure to us and we hope to our customer, and something to be proud of.

We're working hard to achieve our launch date in just 95 days! We're very excited and proud to launch our operations. We're excited for all this brings, what it means to us, our customers, fans, supporters and for our community. You can only imagine the excitement our family is feeling, and the pride in our work. We're excited to see your pictures, hear your testimonials and show of your hives with Mystic Earth Apiary LLC products.

We're a mom and pop style operation with only family as the current employees. With luck and support, we will be able to welcome new members to our family from outside as we expand and grow to meet the demands of many beekeepers and many more new ones to come.

Don't forget to save our date, keep an eye out for us and follow us on our Facebook page and group for up to date information, also find us on twitter for short posts on what's up with the Apiary. We're anxious to begin!

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