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January Apiary Update

Exciting news ahead, and pressing deadlines. We received word late last night, even though it's still late, or rather, very early depending on your point of view, that the second Grant we were going to apply for has come online and we're submitting our application. Our deadline to submit is January 29th. The rub is, for this grant we need to have half of our funding available to us. This grant doubles any funding you have. We need a total funding of $10,000 to open. Our goal for our current fundraiser through gofundme is $5,000.

We're desperate to open by March of this year after nearly a year of being out of work and some people still asking us for Frames and Boxes as well as when we're going to finally open. We've not been idle. We've been asked to teach a Beginner's Beekeeping course at the local University satellite campus, very exciting and surprise development.

We've been finalizing blueprints and going over the details of how we're going to set things up in our temporary shop. In order to open in March, part of the funding we receive will go towards wiring a line to the shop building which is a large old shed to power our equipment. Temporarily it will be very cold as we did not include a heater for the space in our cost assessments, but I'm young and keep warm easily with some thermals and some duck hunting waders.

We're very excited and remain hopeful that we can raise the funds in time to open our manufacturing and continue to work on the next stage of our business development, Queen Sales. Stay tuned on our journey, follow us on the adventure and stay buzzy.

The link to our gofundme is the following

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