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Initial Product Offering Possibly Delayed

In this time while our nation and our world is dealing with the fallout from Covid-19 we may be pushing our initial product offering off of our official launch date of October 13th to November the 7th. While we will continue to launch our business, we will not have product to offer at that time due to a shortfall of funds being available.

We are pushing hard to find the solution to being able to offer our products on that date. However, a business launch from a family of 7 is no small investment, especially with the business we are entering. Tools and supplies must be purchased, time must be invested with no return on that time. We expect that, we accept that, we understand it. Launching a business is no small feat for someone investing hourly wages into their own business.

We certainly tip our hat in respect to those who have gone before us in undertaking this large step in their lives. We are certainly prepared for everything that we can think of. However, Covid-19 does continue to impact the world that we live in, with reduced hourly wages we have less to invest to meet the deadlines we've set for ourselves. Many potential customers and clients are anxiously awaiting our products and we feel the pressure. We feel the strain and while we remain excited to begin, we feel the compassion for our customers who are struggling to find the supplies that we will be manufacturing.

We are not saying that product will be delayed at this time, but the possibility is highly likely, especially as the situation in Utah continues to evolve on a day to day basis and health for our city, county, state, nation and planet take precedence. We will continue to seek out solutions and we are pushing hard to achieve those solutions to ensure timely delivery of our deadlines. We will continue to plan for an initial product offering on the 13th of October, but will also be setting in motion plans for a later product offering in the event that we cannot take advantage of the solutions we are striving to achieve.

We just want all of our customers, clients and some already fans to be aware of the possibility of our products being delayed. When we begin operations, we expect no delay in our supply lines, the only thing that will delay us in the future is an overwhelming amount of orders, which we hope does happen, an overabundance of orders means we're on the right track and will be able to devote more time to the business and begin to consider it as a full time job for one member of the family, then another as business continues to grow, and another at some point.

We're excited to reach those milestones, we're excited to see customers using our products, sharing pictures and stories with us. We want to see happy faces and hear about happy bees, and successful beekeeping stories coming across our pages and our website. It's a level of excellence we're excited to achieve, anxious to meet and pleased to work for. We work for our customers, we work for the bees, we work to provide, and we're proud to be your local Utah source and a national manufacturer of beekeeping equipment.

We've recently restarted our gofundme in the hopes that we can find continued support in this time of covid. We are looking for a much smaller amount that will set up our woodshop and establish a line of supplies from which to work from and offer a larger initial opening of product availability, frames being the most important as well as honey supers which are both in very high demand at this time. Next year will open with Queen rearing operations, and from there we only continue to grow an add more products to our line. Late 2021 will see 8 frame equipment come into production and sales. We also anticipate our ability to start metal works to produce mouse guards and other items requiring metal working and possibly welding. We have plans laid out, but our plans remain fluid, just as any smart business would, especially given the world climate at this time.

Stay tuned, keep following us and watch for our updates on our blog here at the Mystic Earth Apiary and on our Facebook business page and our group where you can find all our updates, new product launches in the future as well as information about beekeeping. We welcome beginners and old hands in the art of keeping the bees. Hope to hear from you and stay safe everyone! Thank you for all the support we have received and all the support to come, it means a lot to us as a family. From my wife and I, our children, my parents and my brother, your family and your bees mean a lot to us. Bless you all and thank you!

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