• T.R. Hutchinson-Owner Operator

Grant Awarded to the Mystic Earth Apiary

On January 28th, 2021 the Mystic Earth Apiary was awarded the Wildcat Microfund to begin its Queen rearing operations in Box Elder County. This award brings $2,000 to our initial startup and allows us to begin operations this year. Queens will be tested first in three rounds of development and instrumental insemination and subsequent observation to ensure procedures are sound and accurate before we sell to the market.

While the science is sound and hands are steady, this is still relatively new in that the apiary is going to be instrumentally inseminating its Queens. A procedure which some beekeepers do not like, but the science is clear and the genetics can be more tightly controlled to get bees where we need them with specific traits. While natural mating is still the preference, the industry is changing quickly and the recognition that more must be done is quickly being accepted by all levels of the industry as we work to combat pests and diseases that plague our honey makers.

We are excited for the journey to begin and we are even more excited by what this grant also adds to our resources list. It's not just a grant, its a pool of business resources to help us grow and develop and ensure our success. We're very excited to make our beginning purchases and open our operations and begin the breeding of VSH Queens with enhanced genetics. The future is bright at the Mystic Earth Apiary.

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