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Commercial Operations Slatted to Begin Spring 2021

Commercial operations for the Mystic Earth Apiary LLC will begin next year in the spring. While we do not have the land that we desire to begin our operations we are starting none the less. Our plan did not call for our Sponsor-A-Hive program to begin our operations but rather to begin after as an opportunity for landowners to sponsor hives on their property for pollination, saving more bees by having them but not having to maintain them.

The Sponsorship program is allowing us to start without our own land for the time being. Next spring we are looking to establish between 5-7 hives on privately owned properties and continue to raise our Queens. Since we are raising our queens for "Instrumental Insemination" we remove the need for out-apiaries to house queens in mini nucs to attempt to breed them. We know that our queens are bred and are ready to go.

We begin by purchasing all of the equipment necessary, hopefully with a little bit of help on our gofundme so I don't have to foot the entire bill, beekeeping equipment is expensive when you start to look at multiple hives and operating a commercial operation. Once we have begun however, the business can grow itself once sales begin to produce working capital and profits. We begin with the hives, the cinder blocks, the cinder block caps for the hive covers. We will make a purchase later in the year to reserve our bee packages once we know how many we need. The Instrumentation for insemination will be purchased as well as all relevant materials for beekeeping; pollen patties, sugar, medications, smoker fuel, new tools, queen rearing equipment and other necessary expenditures to successfully raise our queens and prepare for honey extraction and bottling.

We will invest everything we can to begin, we have the knowledge, we have the experience, now it is all a matter of beginning, placing cinder blocks, setting up equipment and loading the bees into their new homes to begin the process of building successful colonies. It's an exciting time and will be all the more exciting when we have everything ordered and ready to go, to the next giant leap of inserting bees into their new domiciles.

Sales will begin as soon as the Queens are available. Each hive will host 45 cell cups and from those we expect at least 30 or more to successfully survive to emergence. The next challenge is once we have Queens is to sell those Queens to other beekeeper's and possibly to other apiaries. We are excited for the opportunity to dip our feet into Queen rearing. And we're excited of course to collect our second source of revenue, the honey.

With commercial operations beginning we are starting to look into and invest in candle making supplies, lip balm and tincture supplies to make other products sourced from our hives. We are working closely with the USDA to ensure all the proper licensing is in place and all labels reflect correctly.

We will continue to do the local Farmer's Market in Brigham City Utah and continue to welcome other beekeeper's to follow us on our journey, learn from us and help more people start their first hives and see them continue with their hives. This journey is one I didn't think I would ever be on as some of you know from other posts. I originally just wanted a co-op, but the SBDC gave us the little nudge to undertake this great venture. And so we begin. Join the swarm, follow our story, help us by sharing and saying something about the work that we do, we're happy to have you with us. Thank you all!

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