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Climate Change is Changing Everything

The world is changing, some things are getting better, some things are becoming more apparent. But one debate is over for those of us who live close to nature, for those of us who are "tuned" in, especially as beekeepers. We can see the flux of how it used to be, to becoming a coin toss from one day to the next.

In Northern Utah our springs were usually wet, cool and very pleasant. Our summers bearable and scattered with storms here and there. Today, the world I live in is different climatically than when I was a child. While climate change is usually thought of being a global warming, that is not always the case. While it is true that we are warmer than before, a quick check of records easily reveals that as truth. But with this year. We are seeing temperature fluctuations that are completely abnormal. What I would be doing in the garden this time of year was done earlier or is still pending because of our cold snaps.

It is almost July, I've kept my winter coverals out of storage due to wild temperature swings. I'm wearing my sheepskin jacket outside as I write this. The storms never came this spring, instead June has been our stormy month. Our mountains are odd, they are in a state of struggle between life and death. The rain brought cooler temperatures and life giving water, but four days of intense modern average heat killed most of the grass.

My bees are struggling, they are in the hive half the week trying to stay warm, the other half they're trying to keep it cool. How much is too much? When does a system clearly out of balance turn to complete chaos? We're waiting for the paperclip to be thrown into the clockworks that are strained from rust and inattention.

Climate change is no longer a debate. The facts are visible for anyone who spends time outdoors and pays attention to what Mother Earth is experiencing.

If we do not act, we stand to lose so much. I harken back to the spring of 2013, someone asked me what our place on Earth was. Why are we here. I contemplated that philosophical question over the fire before taking another swig from my bottle to answer.

I had known it for some time, but the moment seemed right to birth a new idea. I responded with what would become a personal motto. "We are here to be the gardners of Earth. We exist to help Mother Nature to thrive, for when she thrives, so to do we as we share in the great bounties from our efforts. But if we continue to rape and pillage her body for the resources we covet without respect or healing for what we take without giving anything back, we become the parasites that kill their host. And we only have but one host. We either accept our existence and purpose to make the world more beautiful and bountiful, or we perish in a world we kill with our greed."

Humanity is capable of effecting great changes that benefit us all, starting with the Earth. And we're capable of such destruction that none will ever comprehend because none of us will exist beyond it.

Change is yours to effect, the world is in your hands, what you do with it will define your life. How you live with the Earth will effect the rest of history, from every bee you save, to the flowers you plant, to the wild spaces you protect, to the poison you spread by using chemicals you know to be harmful, to the plastics you simply throw away. Being mindful of what you do and the products you use, and asking yourself what you can do better is how we change the world.

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