• T.R. Hutchinson-Owner Operator

Beginning the Journey

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

We are excited to begin this journey with our many supporters and new people coming on board to learn about beekeeping. We have a dedication and fire inside us to support you all, whether you're new, or an old hand to the art of keeping the bees.

We are a small apiary at the moment, with just four hives in a backyard, we are seeking to grow into a commercial apiary with the honeycomb of supporters we collect along the way. Encouraged to start this journey as a business it did not originally start out that way. When I began this journey I only wanted to start a co-op for beginner's and old hands to share the burden of cost for a honey house and a wonderful apiary with the land management techniques I've learned over 20 years.

With a little tiny nudge from the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) director in Brigham City I blossomed this idea into the business that it is becoming. Now we're looking to build our swarm of supporters and begin the journey together and provide superior products with the best techniques we've learned over years of honing. We have the knowledge, we have the will, we have the drive, we have the passion. Join us as we begin the journey and form a swarm that can accomplish anything. Welcome to the hive of the Mystic Earth Apiary.

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