• T.R. Hutchinson-Owner Operator

Apiary Construction Phase

In our initial phase of opening we will purchase the land where we will establish our Apiary. Depending on the time of year we will pour a cement pad where our office, classroom, warehouse and honey kitchen will stand. Day to day operations and post will work from there as a home base.

Again, depending on the time of year we will be building raised brick beds for flowers and bushes we don't want going wild on the grounds. Makes some things easier to maintain and control. Berry bushes will be planted along with fruit trees and pollen and nectar source trees. Some of these are Willow, Aspen, Pine and Maple. Cherry trees, apple, pear, peach, plum, apricot and other cultivars of these will be planted throughout the Apiary. Some of the produce will be donated to local food banks. Some will go into products, some we'll eat and some we'll sell.

During this phase we'll also put together equipment as we get ready to receive our bees and begin operations while we prepare the reclaimed land for feeding the bees to limit how much sugar water they must receive. With great hope of abolishing our need for sugar syrup and using it only as an emergency feeding tool.

With everything we plant there will be a soil amendment to increase the fertility of the soil by using our own Terra Preta Mix. It is a great task to cover so many acres with this mix in the modern era. But with perseverance and the proof in the pudding, we will show that it can be done, should be done and will be done. The benefits this amendment makes to the soil are superior to any chemical fertilizers.

It is almost impossible to say what will happen when due to the nature of our funding needs and when that funding will be available. However, our plans remain fluid and we understand what it is that needs to be done and what we can do until a different stage of construction is available. Our office can virtually be done at any time. Planting however is seasonal, availability of products is seasonal. What can be done at any given point will be done to ensure smooth starts to other phases.

The journey is as exciting as the ever going quest towards Apiary complete status where we enter a period where growth in one yard is complete and moves into a brand new phase of continued maintenance. Years away mind you, but exciting to think about. And we're happy to share that journey. From videos to pictures and eventually tours of the Apiary. We remain committed to our bees, our home office and our loyal customers and fans. Join our swarm and follow us to the Queens Hollow.

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