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Come learn all about the wonderful life of bees and the importance of keeping them safe from extinction. Browse our programs and get in touch for more information.

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Beekeeper at Work
Beekeeper with Honeycomb

Hive Space Rental

When our apiary becomes operational we will have extra space set aside for the budding apiarist to try their hand at beekeeping by placing hives on our property where they can get hands on help and guidance from Beekeepers in the industry. Their bees will have access to better bee forage and they also get access to our honey house to harvest their own honey. This program is still in the works and will come online in the future. Message us for questions and details.

Apiary Tour

As soon as the apiary grounds are up and running we'd be happy to show you around, for now, all we have is this nice photo for you.

Beginning Beekeeping Class

This program is currently under development, we'll let you know when we're ready for you.

Beekeeper with Honeycomb


Learn How to Keep Your own Bees

Want to be mentored in keeping bees? You make the purchase of equipment and bees, we'll provide the education, from placing the hive, to helping to choose which Honeybee breed to get. We help you install your first package, answer all your questions and we work with you as long as you need us. Having bees is a tremendous feeling. And harvesting the liquid gold is even more tremendous as you watch your first bottles filling up. We're here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out more, we're happy to assist you with any beekeeping matter.

Piece of Honeycomb

Sponsor A Hive

Want bees but don't want to manage them, let us do it for you with our own hives.

The Sponsor-A-Hive program is open to people with space on their respective property who would like to see bees helping out with their gardens, or just because they find them fascinating. What we do is if we have hives available we will come and assess your space and the surrounding environment to determine what a management schedule will look like, and how well the bees will do in the space you have. A contract will be drafted. Standard protection information for having bees around, precautions to take as well as a liability release for incidents relating to having bees on your property. While the bees are on your property, you assume responsibility of bees buzzing around your yard/field or neighborhood if you're in town. You will be responsible for informing your neighbors and ensuring that they are okay with you having bees on your property. We will help with any disputes that arise later. The bees will be managed on a timely schedule to ensure they are staying healthy and productive, and that all is well.

They will be fed, and receive medications. We will also discuss what wintering looks like and what to expect.

Another thing to consider when doing the sponsor-a-hive program is whether you'd like to learn how to keep bees, or if you would like to try maintaining a hive while we are on site during our regular maintenance schedule. Sponsors are not allowed to open hives while we are not on site unless approved by a member of our management team. We want to make sure everyone is safe primarily, including our bees. Both you and your family are important to us, but so are our bees, granted, you come first, but our bees are extremely precious to us as you can imagine. We welcome you to enjoy this opportunity, reach out to us and get even more information that isn't covered here, we would be happy to hear from you. Click the contact button at the top of the page to reach out to us.