Swarm of Bees

About Us

By Nature, for Nature

Beginning operations in 2021 we started our business venture in November 2019. My hobby for beekeeping had flowered into a passion, and the notion just came to me that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a commercial beekeeper, but not only that, I wanted to build and create. I decided to also build beekeeping equipment for my fellow bee lovers.

In addition to this, I have a great thirst for knowledge and science and I wanted to help be a part of the solution to problems in beekeeping through research and experimentation. With a background in biology, wildlife and natural resources and a passion for knowledge and the pursuit of information I took up the mantle to launch my business.

Together with my wife, my father and my brothers we are preparing to open our woodshop to produce the equipment and are looking for landowners to place hives in our sponsor a hive program for out apiaries to get us off the ground, producing honey and raising our Queens. Help us reach higher and connect with us today!

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Our Team

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Tyler Hutchinson


Founder and overseer of operations, Tyler has his hand in every where with a non-stop attitude to keep at it and enjoy what he does. Tyler loves engaging with customers and working with his family on mutual projects. Dedicated Father of 5, Tyler has his hands full and is enjoying every minute of it. Tyler works on literally everything, from the Woodshop to Customer Service, Beekeeping and Administration.

Tasha Hutchinson

Art Director

Tasha is a busy mother of 5, but that doesn't slow her down. Tasha works on the custom artistry you order for your hives. If you're looking for custom artwork, she's your gal. Drop us a line and we'll get you in touch with her to go over your custom piece. She's dedicated to a high quality of service and satisfaction.

Brian Hutchinson

Operations Director

Brian has spent his life working on numerous jobs, from Carpentry to Long Haul Truck Driving and Commercial Machinery. As the Father of Tyler, he helps guide the business with some old common sense and advice from years of experience. An invaluable member of our family team. Brian will be working in the wood shop to begin with and you'll probably see his initials on your wood work, watch out for BKH on the inside of your hive bodies and other pieces.

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CJ Hutchinson

Head Apiarist

CJ is the brother of Tyler and son of Brian, he works with the family on every project, from customer service to the wood shop and helping his brother manage the beehives. CJ brings an upbeat attitude and lots of laughs to the team. He works hard and is a valuable asset to the team. CJ comes to the job with years of experience in manufacturing and personnel management as a Team Leader for one of the largest manufacturers in Box Elder County.

Brandon Derr

Shop  Director

With relevant experience in management and production work, Brandon makes an excellent addition to our upcoming shop and will also later take a place in company leadership as our business grows and expands. Brandon has been the lifelong friend of Tyler Hutchinson and the whole family. His experiences and dedication to family and work are a wonderful addition to the Mystic Earth Apiary family.